Gospel Ministries

When you look around at your neighborhood, you can see different churches. There are Christian churches everywhere you go. And for sure, there will be more church buildings to be established especially in places where there is no church. This is one of the greatest mission of those who want to express their faith and follow Christ. In the Bible, Jesus gave His last words and that is to make disciples of all nations and baptizing them, teaching them, and make them obey God’s commandments.

In Christianity, “ministry” also mean “to serve”. Just as Christ came to serve and He even shared the way of salvation by teaching His people about God’s commandments and the importance of obeying them, so this is an example which all of those who want to follow in His footsteps should follow. This is why the word “gospel ministry” also came up. The “gospel” refers to the the teachings of Jesus Christ which all who claim to be Christians must follow for them to receive God’s promised blessing.

Different churches were established in various places around the world. Some churches came from a developed country while other churches were just built in that particular place. You can see foreigners who share God’s words and do volunteer activities as well. This is their way to express their faith. They are trying to obey the “Great Commission” which Jesus left to everyone who believes in Him. Big churches usually conduct volunteer services and help those in need. But even small churches can also do the same.